Saint Anthony’s Church, Mcneil Road was host to the  SSVP Regional Council Conferences of the various visiting Conferences OF Karachi. Those attending were representatives from - Our Lady of Fatima, St Francis, Sacred Heart, St Lawrence’s, Christ the King, St Theresa, St Josephs, St Anthonys, Shafqat e Mariam, St Peters, St John the Evangelist.  Active participation was witnessed by the visitors right from the Reading of the Intentions to the offering to the Welcome address and Acknowledgment by the President Mr. Anthony Anwar.

The day began with Eucharistic Celebrations at 9.00 am celebrated by Parish Priest, Rev Father Edward Joseph, who was very excited at the very idea of RC Council having chosen to have their Recollection day at St Anthony’s and from the beginning took a keen interest in the preparation and oversaw the arrangements-


The guests were treated to a breakfast of tasty Omlette Partha and a hot cut of tea, courtesy of Fr Edward Joseph.

This was followed by the Second Session at the Presberty House.  Fr Amir Bhatti had very readily agreed to be the Speaker for this session. His theme : Reconciliation (Sacrament of Confession) and Healing

The day began with a short film Titled “The Butterfly Circus”  A very touching and inspiring film about a disabled man with no hands and no feet , who was looked upon as a curse and who thought of himself as useless and a non entity.  Till one day he meets a Circus Owner who decides to give him the encouragement and motivation indirectly, discreetly,  to re-discover himself and convert his weak points into strengths and he comes out a winner in the end.  Fr Bhatti explained we too in our need to be motivators to others who are down.      

Some of the highlights of his talk were – Priest is the Heart of the Lord at Confession.  We tend to gather our sins and then we cannot carry the burden of our sins.  It is our duty and our desire to go for Confession and do away with our sins and gain inner healing and lighten our hearts and minds.

Fr Bhatti then took us through a guided breathing, relaxing exercise.  Simultaneously reading a passage from Mark, Chapter 10, Vs 46-52 about the Blind Man whose faith healed him.  Fr Bhatti explained that God is Love and he died for us, he transforms weakness into strength and how we can and must feel his healing touch when we go for Confession, and this find peace.


We were fortunate to hear the testimony of Mark Francis and his experience with the Christian Faith - his recent conversion and finding of inner peace and healing after going for Confession.

The Session concluded with lunch of Biryani and cold drink.  President RC SSVP Mr
Anthony Anwar then conveyed a vote of thanks to the Parish priest, Speaker for the Session, and President and Members of St Anthony’s Conference  for their kind courtesy of hosting the Recollection and for the excellent arrangements..

The participants went away taking with them a lot of valuable thoughts and rich experience.