Charlotte D’Souza


 Each year in September, at the feast of our Patron, Saint Vincent de Paul, the St. Anthony’s conference has a special celebration.  This year too, we decided to celebrate by having a Bake Sale/Mini Food Fair and also offering a mass on the actual feast day i.e. 27th September.  After attending mass, the members shared refreshments with the congregation in attendance – a befitting tribute to our Patron, who lived by the principles of caring and sharing!

Each year our efforts to organize the Bake Sale keeps getting better and bigger, thanks to generous donors and benefactors, who voluntarily come forward to donate and contribute.  The variety of items that were on sale were simply awesome and a delight to all the visitors– Sorpotel, sannas, variety of cakes, samosas, rolls, potato chops, scotch eggs, shami kebabs, Chinese chow mien,  fried rice, the good and famous biryani, sandwiches (variety) and bolingas.  In short, the taste buds of all were catered to.

The members were in high spirits and came well in time to lay out the items and set up the stalls. Our sincere thanks also to those non-members who volunteered their time and efforts to put up the stalls, banners and help with the sale due to the overwhelming crowd of mass-attendees that visited and patronized the Food Fair.

We sincerely thank all our benefactors and well-wishes who helped us celebrate the Feast our Patron Saint in a befitting manner, emulating His teachings and principles.

The generosity exemplified by our donors and benefactors who are ever-willing and ready at our one call or request to donate whatever they can, leaves us humbled. God bless them all.

So thank you all, specially our donors and parishioners, once again for your generosity and support which enables the Society to strive harder to serve and improve the lives of the needy; with special emphasis on education of our children - the future of the parish.