St. Lawrence's Conference began in 1985 and with just a few members our conference covered our parish' many areas including homes for elderly, mentally and physically handicapped people, orphanages, bastis, and visitations.

Our conference has come a long way and we have completed 30 years of service to the Society.

We have a number of projects and includes Fee Grant

Scheme, Homes around the parish and many more. We raise our funds by organising Scrap Collection and personal donations.

We also receive twinning from Australia.Our conference also visited the Darul Sukoon, The old Age Homes The House o Hope, a home for the recovery from addicitive substance, besides, the Home for the Lepers situated in Mongohir area, we visit this once a year and get a chance to be the inmates of the home.

If you like to sponsor a project of help a student please drop a line, you will find us on the Contact page.

 Hampers and Fees

Our conference distributed Hamper to a family and also paid fees for a Student. We will be distributing hampers next week.

We would like to thank all our benefactors and well wishers for their support for our conference and continue supporting our conference. A big thank you to all our conference members who work tirelessly for the betterment of the conference.